Rodeo Queen

Michigan High School Rodeo Association

2023/2024 Queen

MISS MICHIGAN RODEO QUEEN 2023/2024 | Charleigh Scott

Hi! My name is Charleigh Scott, I’m your 2023-2024 Michigan High School Rodeo Queen. I’m a 16 year old junior at White Cloud Public Schools. I have had the opportunity to represent our wonder state not just this year but last year as well. I have learned so many amazing things over these past years. I compete in Barrel Racing, Breakaway, Goat tying, and sometimes Poles. Goat tying is by far my favorite event, but it wasn’t always. I was so intimidated by goat tying at first, but once I met some amazing friends through High School Rodeo they helped me realize how amazing that event really is.

I joined High School Rodeo my 8th grade year, I remember my first rodeo I was nervous, but everyone there was so kind they invited me to hang out with them and from that rodeo on I knew those people were going to be my lifelong friends. I hope that everyone can have the friendships like we do in High School Rodeo.

High School Rodeo has already given me so many more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. For example we get to travel all over the state but also to Nationals. It’s truly something that I wish everyone could have the opportunity to do. High School Rodeo gives you so many scholarships that will further you in your education whether it’s in college or a trade school; even as a junior I have already received many. Also in High school rodeo you really learn about your horse and what your equine partner needs when able to talk to many of our parents and sponsors.

My horses are Copper and Rue. I rope and goat tie off Copper; he is the best horse I could ask for and will do anything for me. I run barrels and poles off Rue, he is a handful but I love him too.

Although, I come from a rodeo family I still understand how this great sport can look to an outsider. As the Michigan High School Rodeo Queen I will continue to gain knowledge to pass on to others. Four years ago I would have never thought I would be a rodeo queen but here I am. I am here to answer any questions you have about the Queen contest or our amazing association in general!

Good luck to all the new or returning competitors this year. Let’s make it another great one!