Cinch All Star Team

Michigan High School Rodeo Association


Cinch Team

Senior High Team

Tori Patterson Holli Haley Jessica Bennett Trey Casey
Jared Howell Cody Newell

Junior High Team

Madison Hoard Cayce Huver



Cinch Team Selection Guidelines

  • Cinch is seeking team members who follow the ‘Lead, Don’t Follow” way of life and represent NHSRA in a positive way wherever they are. Selection guidelines are following:
  • NHSRA Members can be nominated online by¬†anyone including a fellow NHSRA member, paremt, grandparent, State/Provincial Director, Secretary, President, member of the state/provincial board of directors, teacher, paster, coach, etc.

Nomination form will include:

  • Name, email, phone number, where person nominating is from
  • Whom they are nominating
    • First/Last Name
    • State/Province

Criteria for nominating this NHSRA member

  • Member CANNOT be sponsored by a competing sponsor in this category.
  • Answer: “How has this nominee exemplified Leadership (in and out of the Rodeo, Shooting Sports, Community Arenas)?”
  • Answer: “Why is this nominee the best choice to promote NHSRA, Cinch Brands, and the Western Lifestyle?”


  • Eligibility is based on the grade the member just completed in May or June. 2021-2022 Members can be 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th grades. Upperclassmen are not eligible. Incoming 5th, 6th and Freshman will not be eligible until 2022-2023 season.
  • Next Cinch nominations are August 2022.
  • The members should be willing to carry out objectives from NHSRA and Cinch Jeans & Shirts that arise during the season.
  • These members should be a living model of what leadership in and out of the arena looks like.
  • These members have a desire to ride for the brand.
  • These members have character and are community minded.
  • Each person selected should be dedicated to the NHSRA and the Western Lifestyle.

What you get

  • Cinch Team Members will receive a free Cinch Team shirt, a free pair of Cinch jeans and the opportunity to order additional Cinch jeans at a discounted price.