Michigan High School Rodeo Association


MIHSRA does multiple fundraisers throughout the year, Wreath/Centerpiece Sales in fall, Gun Raffle Spring, Queen’s Auction at Mid-Winter Meeting and Senior Interview Live Auction at High School State Finals.

Wreath/Centerpiece Sales/Gun Raffle

There are two fundraisers that members have a choice of which to participate in. Members are required to sell a total of 20 items between the two fundraisers. They can sell 10 Wreath/Centerpieces and 10 Gun Raffle tickets, or 20 Wreath/Centerpieces, or 20 Gun Raffle Tickets. A member may choose not to participate by paying $200.00 for these two fundraisers or 10 items and paying $100.
As an incentive to participate in these 2 fundraisers, the top seller in each will receive 15% of their total sales above the requirement in the form of credit that may be used for entry fees at rodeos or their membership for the next year. The second place seller receives 10%. If either of the top 2 is a graduating senior and they do not use their credit by the end of the season, it will be credited to their scholarship account.

Queen’s Auction at State Mid-Winter Meeting

The Queen’s Auction is to raise money for the incoming queen crowned at the High School State Finals to be used for items such as chaps, signs, and photos to be signed and handed out at Nationals and functions. All members are required to bring an item for the silent auction held at State Mid-Winter Meeting/Cowboy Prom.

Senior Interviews Auction

Senior Interviews Auction is used to help fund the scholarships given out to graduating seniors who go through the interview process at the State Mid-Winter Meeting. All members are required to bring an item for the live auction.