Scholarship Program

J.O.Cravens Memorial
Cinch Scholarship Application

The Scholarship application can be filled out on line and printed or save as a PDF

1. To encourage students to continue their education after high school.
4. To help students feel successful among high school peers.
3. To encourage students to set goals and do their best.
2. To promote the Michigan High School Rodeo Association.

Student Eligibility
Any high school student competing in the MHSRA is eligible for the scholarship program.
Types of Scholarships

There are three ways for student members to earn scholarship money.
1. By placing in rodeo events for performance points.
3. By participating in scholarship rodeos, holding a student officer position, being rodeo queen, etc.
2. By being actively involved in the MHSRA. The more a member is involved the more likely he/she is to get scholarship money through the interview process. For this scholarship, an interview with the scholarship interview committee is required.

Performance Point Scholarship
Each student member collects points throughout the year to determine year-end standings and national finals qualifications. These annual points accumulate starting with the member's first rodeo through the end of the season of his/her senior year.
Points earned at regular season rodeos, in which the scholarship fee is collected, count toward the total member's scholarship money. No scholarship fee is charged at the state finals, therefore no scholarship points are earned. National High School Rodeo Association rules forbid scholarship fees at state finals rodeos.
Total scholarship money is determined by accumulated performance points. The maximum scholarship is $1000. (Examples: If a member accumulates 700 points, a $700 scholarship is awarded. If a member accumulates 1200 points, the maximum $1000 scholarship is awarded.)

Interview Scholarship
Any senior student member may apply for this scholarship. A scholarship application must be completed and submitted to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson by the specified deadline. Each applying member must also participate in a 15-minute interview with the Scholarship Committee. During the interview, the member will be scored on his/her application, his/her responses to questions, and his/her involvement in the MHSRA and the community. The maximum scholarship awarded is $1000 for the top participant. Also, $25 is awarded for each year the member holds an elected event director position and for each year the member works MHSRA booths at expos, fairs, etc. with proper verification.

Awarding the Scholarships
Seniors have two years to complete educational courses and apply for allotted scholarship monies. To receive scholarship monies, the member must request his/her award in writing, including proof of grades or course completion on official school/military letterhead within two years of high school graduation. Three letters of the written request and proof of course completion must be sent - one each to the National director, President and Secretary. Scholarship requests will be reviewed and disbursed after approval of the sitting board of directors.

1. A $10.00 fee is charged to every participant at every rodeo.
4. Other donations or fundraising projects.
3. Money collected from the annual scholarship auction held in May every year. (The money collected goes to the next year's scholarship fund which starts on the following August 1.)
2. Specials events, such as scholarship rodeos.
The scholarship funds are deposited in a separate, interest-bearing account and maintained by the Board of Directors Treasurer.

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