2019-2020 Queen and Princess
  Our Queen  

Miss Michigan Wrangler Jr. Rodeo Princess

My family competes in the sport of rodeo and spends many miles on the road together. Just like many other members of the MHSRA, it is our way of life. The MHSRA family values hardwork, determination and sportsmanship. I am proud to be a part of this rodeo family.

Part of my family includes my horses. This year I am riding my Dad's rope horse, Dakota. Many spectators may recognize him, as he has carried many youth and adults down the roping pen. Dakota has competed in all events over his 20+years of life. He is a crowd favorite and even has a nickname with some of the announcers. So, if you see a cowgirl or cowboy chasing a calf or steer and riding a beautiful dun horse it could be Dakota or aka "The Super Horse". But, my most favorite part of riding Dakota is being able to carry our State of Michigan Flag. It is an honor to ride into the arena and pay respect to the military men and women, who have fought to give our familes the freedoms we have today.

Antrim is my trusty, dusty ol' pony that has traveled across Michigan not only in a horse trailer but also across many miles of trails. Antrim has helped me to gain confidence in barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying. Pony Power!

Zippo is my newest family member. I feel very lucky to be riding this grey streak of lightning! Zip has won many titles with a previous MHSRA queen and now I have the chance to grow with him. We have big plans for this year. 

Being part of a family means supporting each other by cheering for the good runs, high fives for the personal bests and lend a hand or rope or goat tie when someone is in need. So lets all support our fellow MHSRA family members and make the 2019-2020 the best season yet






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